A Faster, Better Yes®

Benefiting Patients, Providers and Health Plans

Oncology Analytics was founded on the principle that providing high quality clinical expertise in an efficacious and timely manner would benefit patients, providers and our health plan partners. We believe that access to evidence-based guidelines coupled with the clinical depth and breadth of our clinical team ensures that patients receive the highest quality value-based treatment decisions.

To that end, Oncology Analytics developed a web-based proprietary software, known as MATISTM. The MATISTM system is user-friendly, and stores thousands of evidence-based protocols for oncology drugs and radiation therapy. These treatment protocols are updated continually based on the latest scientific publications and findings. To receive treatment authorization, a provider’s office simply enters in a few fields of patient information and within seconds will receive an automatic authorization.

When the treatment protocol requested is not approved automatically, the provider’s office is quickly sent a clinical consultation fax detailing the reason why the request was not automatically approved or requesting more information. Treatments that are not approved automatically may require further review by Oncology Analytics’ clinical team of Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses and Licensed Oncology Pharmacists, or a peer-to-peer between the prescribing physician and an Oncology Analytics’ medical or radiation oncologist for final determination. The most difficult and complex cases are reviewed by Oncology Analytics’ Distinguished Academic Advisory Board of renowned international specialists in oncology. However, no matter the difficulty of the case, Oncology Analytics is committed to fast turnaround times so that patients receive the most appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.