Efficacy, Toxicity & Affordability

Oncology Analytics’ staff of board certified medical oncologists and pharmacists are dedicated to the study of oncology drugs and their outcomes and side effects. They understand the complexity involved in the management of chemotherapy drugs, and that the oncology landscape is changing rapidly due to new drug introductions. The Oncology Analytics’ staff researches each treatment protocol to ensure it meets national cancer care guidelines, and internally scores the oncology drug for efficacy, toxicity and affordability using all available published data and scientific literature.

Each treatment protocol is then entered into the MATISTM software database which is continuously updated as new indications for use are approved by the FDA. Currently, there are more than 2,500 active oncology drug treatment protocols for all cancer types and stages in the Oncology Analytics MATISTM database that have been reviewed and scored by Oncology Analytics for efficacy, toxicity and affordability to provide optimal treatment recommendations to providers.