Our Story

In 2008, Marc Fishman, MD, was contacted by a major health plan that was experiencing escalating costs in chemotherapy treatments. Because of Dr. Fishman’s background as a hematologist/oncologist, he understood the critical importance of addressing the rising costs while also seeking to improve the quality of cancer care. Dr. Fishman’s daughter, Danielle, was inspired by the objective and committed herself to the mission as well. Together they visited treating physicians to evaluate clinical practice in the community, confirming that there was an opportunity to improve the quality and value of cancer care. Ed Krupski, a bright, young software engineer then was hired and, working with Dr. Fishman, created a comprehensive database of chemotherapy protocols and Oncology Analytics was born.

Quickly, health plans recognized the depth of Oncology Analytics’ clinical expertise in cancer care. As Oncology Analytics continued to grow and prove its value to patients, treating physicians, and health plans, the company quickly expanded its coverage throughout the United States. Since its formation in 2008, Oncology Analytics has grown significantly and has expanded its original chemotherapy patient review services to include all aspects of cancer care, including radiation therapy, genetic testing and compassionate care. These services have been developed in collaboration with internationally renowned experts who are part of Oncology Analytics’ Distinguish Academic Advisory Board today.