Why Oncology Analytics?

Oncology Analytics is committed to improving the quality of cancer care while optimizing cost effectiveness for our health plan partners.

Welcome from the CEO

oncology-analytics-marc-fishmanDear Colleagues:

As a hematologist/oncologist in clinical practice, I recognized that every cancer patient has more than enough problems. My job was to lengthen patients’ lives when possible and to always strive to improve my patients’ quality of life. Today, years after founding Oncology Analytics, that same goal remains true. More than ever, I am dedicated to assuring that patients receive high-quality cancer care and to making a difference in their lives.

As Oncology Analytics’ CEO you have my commitment, whether you are a health plan, provider, or patient, that Oncology Analytics will utilize its clinical expertise and the latest scientific evidence for the betterment of patient cancer care. Today’s cancer treatments are varied, complicated and costly. By using MATIS™, our proprietary software, Oncology Analytics efficiently evaluates and approves high-quality and high-value cancer treatments. Oncology Analytics’ ability to review complex cases, utilizing internal resources and a team of world-class specialists is a key benefit that we provide. Additionally, our Case Review Specialists are referred to as the “Best Team Ever” due to their dedication to superior customer service.

When it comes to patient care, we recognize that sometimes very costly treatments represent the best quality of care. However, often there are less costly alternatives that are just as good or better. Identifying these opportunities not only reduces the cost to health plans, but it also reduces the cost to patients, thereby improving the quality of life for those patients whose care we assist in overseeing.

We look forward to assisting you with your cancer care program.

Sincerely Yours,

Marc Fishman, MD

Operating Principles

Patient focus forms the basis of everything we do, and defines our interactions with each other, the physician practices with which we work, and the health insurers we serve. We do this by:

  • Providing each employee with the tools and resources needed to make a difference, creating and maintaining an environment that promotes and rewards initiative, and empowers employees to challenge the status quo;
  • Remembering that every case, every call, and every decision we make at Oncology Analytics can have an impact on a patient’s life; and
  • Understanding that the health plans we serve have put their trust in us to provide the highest level of support to the health plan’s physician network, ensure the highest quality of care for its members and deliver cost savings that validate the value we bring.

The Oncology Analytics Difference


Oncology Analytics is able to deliver results with a combination of comprehensive clinical review via a team of board certified clinical experts and our proprietary MATISTM system to identify optimal treatment options based on each patient’s unique situation. The most difficult and complicated cases are sent to Oncology Analytics’ Distinguished Academic Advisory Board for thought leadership insight. The ability to go beyond in clinical review benefits patients, providers and health plans. The results are reflected in high-quality care, provider satisfaction, and a guaranteed ROI for our health plan partners.

What is the Oncology Analytics difference? It is Oncology Analytics’ absolute dedication to clinical excellence, supported by an operational team dedicated to providing the best possible service to our health plan clients and treating physicians and their patients. Additionally, we provide treating physicians with a collaborative, peer-to-peer review process that is scientifically-based. By doing so, this has earned Oncology Analytics high satisfaction scores and trust from the cancer community.

Oncology Analytics provides comprehensive oncology benefits management by providing end-to-end solutions for health plans that assure high-quality and high-value treatments for patients. Our services cover the entire spectrum of cancer care, from initial diagnosis to compassionate care service when required. We have found that our patient-focused approach results in improved quality of care and resource utilization for our health plan and physician partners.