Molecular/Genetic Testing

Is there a way to detect whether or not I will get cancer in my lifetime? Demand has been escalating from providers and patients for genetic testing, which may answer this question through DNA analysis. Molecular testing has made great strides in recent years but the field is still in its infancy. Unknown molecular test results or incorrectly ordered tests can lead to incorrect conclusions. These incorrect conclusions could further result in improper patient treatment, unnecessary patient suffering and increased treatment costs.

Oncology Analytics’ evidence-based molecular and genetic testing review service was built with a clear understanding of the complexities involved in this rapidly evolving field. Oncology Analytics recognizes that preauthorization of these tests often involves more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer. The service Oncology Analytics provides assures patients, providers and health plans that the genetic and molecular tests requested are properly used in the management of patients’ cancer care.

Oncology Analytics provides health plans and treating physicians with guidance on whether the tests requested are, or are not, indicated. This approach is particularly valuable in the field of molecular testing where the science is rapidly evolving. Oncology Analytics additionally provides health plans with guidance on how to determine payment coverage for a broad panel of multiple genetic tests, which may have no currently known evidence-based scientific benefit.

Source: April 2016