Radiation Therapy

Roughly 60 percent of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy; however, in an astonishing 30 percent of these cases, the radiation therapy treatment received is not recognized by national scientific guidelines. Does this cause harm to patients? The answer is absolutely.

Oncology Analytics provides health plans with preauthorization review of requested radiation therapy treatments to ensure that patient care is high-quality, necessary and value-based. Radiation oncologists enter their requested treatments into Oncology Analytics’ proprietary software, MATISTM, for automatic approval. If a treatment requested fails to meet evidence-based guidelines, the request is then reviewed by an experienced radiation oncologist at Oncology Analytics who discusses the case with the treating physician. If necessary and for the most complex of cases, Oncology Analytics’ Distinguished Academic Advisory Board members may also provide recommendations to the radiation oncologist. Oncology Analytics’ goal is to achieve the highest quality of radiation care for the patient while also ensuring physician satisfaction.

Source: National Cancer Institute 2011