Services Overview


Comprehensive Oncology Benefits Management

Improve quality of care while achieving your financial goals.

Oncology Analytics’ goal is to create partnerships between payers, providers and patients by ensuring that:

  • Providers receive the clinical decision support necessary to make optimal treatment decisions for their patients.
  • Patients receive the most effective, affordable and least toxic care available.
  • Plans benefit from our approach which optimizes patient outcomes and cost of care.

Outstanding oncology clinical expertise and technology.

Oncology Analytics’ clinical expertise provides the latest evidence-based findings to navigate the complex oncology drug landscape providing you A Faster, Better Yes.®

  • MATISTM, our proprietary clinical software, automatically authorizes high-quality and high-value treatments.
  • In-depth reviews by Academic Advisory Board experts for complex and complicated patient cases.
  • Peer-to-peer case reviews by a specialized clinical oncology team: Medical Doctors, PharmDs and Registered Nurses.
Evidence Based. Results Driven. Patient Focused.

*Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Jon McClure and Troy Oxford/Staff